Pythonistas! prepare for upcoming wave of Cyber Security jobs

I will try to keep it short and sweet.

Why Cyber security is suddenly a big concern for companies?

You got any recent events to support that there is a surge in demand for Cyber-Security professionals?

  1. Hacking of 500, 000 Zoom users info on April 2020
  2. Recently there has been big government interference for companies on data privacy and unethical market practices which will indirectly promote growth in Cyber-security job market.

There is also a great point by point breakdown of Cyber-security market by Patrick Bet-David on YouTube Cybersecurity - A $7 Trillion Industry That’s The Biggest Threat To Entrepreneurs. I am a programmer by profession and therefore being a technical guy its difficult for me to see the world through business eyes and these business eyes control the job market. Hence I rely on guys like Patrick to paint the market picture for me. This video talks about why companies will be hungry for Cybersecurity professionals in near future.

Why Python?

What is this that you speak of?

Ending note

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