Best way to organize your technical presentations

I was preparing for my MongoDB certification exam in MongoDB university portal and came across this new section called “Public speaking courses”. Thinking to myself what the heck a public speaking course is doing among DB concepts, I went through their only course in that section called T101- Crafting Conference Abstracts”. I am glad I checked it out.

Why should I go through this lecture?

If you have came across these two scenarios like me, you should definitely check it out.

  • You are presenting a technical topic to many developers but they are losing interest and there’s no follow up questions or suggestions.

Basically, I failed to generate curiosity in the topic that I myself was so excited about. I could have changed that situation by just reorganizing my content bit differently as described in the lecture.

When there are developers attending your session leaving their critical work, you have to make sure you deliver and you deliver good!

Okay, that’s good and all but what got you so pumped up to write this article rather than just sharing the lecture link?

I am so glad you asked!

I usually have to take notes during lectures but surprisingly I didn’t had to take any in this because the lecturer used his own tricks that he was teaching. Things like -

  • The way he used MongoDB concepts to create analogies for his presentation are still there in my mind.

It was just beautiful orchestration of content!

I have also seen such beautiful presentations from few of my senior colleagues at work but at that time I couldn’t identify the missing ingredients which this lecture helped me to identify.

Is this lecture only for MongoDB folks?

No, I highly recommend this lecture to anyone seeking to improve their technical presentations. However, the MongoDB analogies will be picked up best by MongoDB folks.
By the end of this course you ll have have a template of your own for organizing your presentation content and a cool certificate.

Valentines day spent well!

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