Best learning path to master SQL Server

This article is a compilation of 3 video tutorials, that according to me is the best learning path to master Microsoft’s SQL Server Relational Databases.

First tutorial is a great start, expecting no prior exposure in Relational Databases. Understand the background behind the scary terms in SQL, then cover the second intermediate tutorial to become Job ready. Finally, become a SQL Server God by harnesssing the power of cloud with Azure SQL and learn how to handle Data Integrity, Performance, ETL pipelines, Migrations, Rollovers, Security.

Beginner Level

  • Free YouTube tutorial consisting of 34 short videos spanning over 4 hrs.
  • Good old blackboard explanation of SQL concepts followed with an actual implementation.
  • Although it’s a 5 year old content but SQL concepts are timeless and it shouldn’t cause any gaps even today.
  • By the end of this course, you should have a sound understanding of SQL concepts and how to use SQL Server Management Studio.

Intermediate Level

  • Free YouTube tutorial consisting of 150 videos spanning over multiple days.
  • HUGE exhaustive content covering a lot of topics you may come across while working with SQL Server. Can easily take a month to cover the videos with side by side practice.
  • Concepts not clear in previous tutorial will be clear here.
  • By the end of this tutorial you will have an awareness of all frequently used features SQL Server has to offer. SQL Server Management Studio will feel like home.

Advanced Level

At this stage, you must have already played a lot with T-SQL dialect, familar with SSMS and might know about the advance concepts.

But my sincere apologies, I lied. There is no “single”third video tutorial as I couldn’t find a good one-stop shop for all advance concepts. However there are dozens of advance learning resources and SQL Server experts specializing in specific areas like Cloud, Performance, Integration, Migration, Security. I am sharing the top handpicked resources that I find most relevant.

  • Azure SQL Fundamentals:
    Great introduction to Azure SQL, a Database as a Service platform. Reduce your local DB maintenance effort and focus more on the Application. It’s top preference by developers and architects these days. Options like SQL Server on Azure VMs as well as SQL Managed Instances can also be explored based on requirement.
  • SQL Server 2019 Workshop:
    A workshop created by the creators of SQL Server itself. This workshop was built and designed for a computer or VM to run SQL Server. Definitely check out their “Data Classification and Auditing” module to meet the needs of compliance and regulation standards.
  • MS SQL Tips blog:
    I found their articles to be quite informative and well organized.
  • Performance Tuning:
    Great content on performance tuning of your SQL Server queries by a renowned expert with 10 years of rich experience in speeding up the queries for clients.

Disclaimer: I do not have any affiliations or direct connections with any of these linked resources. I am sharing these resources as I felt they were well organized and helpful tutorials on SQL Server.

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