Mentorship: The door connecting two worlds

Co-Win Application

Problem 1: Real-time notification of vaccine slots.

For non tech-savvy: Register on sites like and…

Drawn on Microsoft’s Whiteboard app using Wacom Pen Tablet CTL-672.


  • We already have some familiarity with C#, .NET Core and Logging.
  • We created a fresh web application in .NET Core and wanted to understand how Logging is already configured in the template code.
  • We have only 3 hours to understand Logging so that we can customize the logging behavior for…

Reason 1: Solution Filters ( * . slnf files)

Pain point: If you…

Beginner Level

Regular Expression (RegEx) tutorial

  • Free YouTube tutorial consisting of 16 short videos.
  • Gentle introduction in a convenient pace. …

Why Cyber security is suddenly a big concern for companies?

It was always a concern for companies but it turns out that increased reliance on work from home scenario in this pandemic is exposing more and more online security loopholes and companies are looking for fresh talent in the market to…

Neetish Raj

Full stack Development | Product Engineering | Recruitment

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